Pay It Forward

What a fun day we had. Majeed and I met up with Greg Tehven a former student of University of Minnesota and member of the Student Today Leaders Forever group. Greg visited Ghana in January and developed a passion for Ghana on his trip. He got the chance to visit with the people, eat the foods and experience first hand the culture of Ghanaians.
He heard about the computers to Ghana project and jumped at the opportunity to help out.

Greg is also a leader with the Pay It Forward group; this group organizes high school students and plan service projects accross different states. During my conversation with Greg, he mentioned that he could get his group to come help me out if I needed to. That was a great idea, the students will learn how the services they provide here will impact lives thousands of miles away.

Concordia College donated more computers, about 120 pcs which is about 240 units of monitors and towers. There is no way I was going to be able to move that myself and so I needed the help. We scheduled a day and I got Kevin who goes to Bethel Evangelical Free Church to donate his truck to help out.

What a fun day, we moved all 240 units in less than two and a half hours. I told the kids about the benefits of serving and touching the lives of people they may never meet. All in all, we had fun moving the computers.
To help out, please keep reading and send a laptop or donation to the address listed below. All donations are tax deductible.

Thanks for reading. I hope you can help. Thanks Greg for your passion to serve.


Can I help?

Yes You Can. We need your help.

I just talked to Concordia and they are giving me more computers, 120 computers to be exact so there is a lot of work to be done. We need both financial and volunteer help.
The computers will have to be put on pallets, banded and shrink wrapped and we need money to ship them .

To help financially and anything helps, it will cost about $80 to ship one computer, you can help ship one or ship as many as you want. Write a tax deductible check to

The Ghana Computer Project
Quantum Connections
c/o Rowland Joiner
114 Jefferson St. S
Wadena MN 56482
Phone: 320-594-7196

To volunteer your time, please email ardayfio@gmail.com and when we are ready to get some work done, you will be contacted. We appreciate your thinking about this.

Together we can make a huge difference in the lives of many African children and the continent as a whole. We can't do it without you so please act now. Your contribution today will benefit a nation tomorrow.


Computers arrive in Ghana. Yay!!

The computers have finally arrived and I have pictures to prove that they did, for those who were wondering what happened to them. The computers donated by Concordia College, software donated by Microsoft, shipping donated by books for Africa and the people of Fargo-Moorhead finally reached the shores of Ghana West Africa.

50 computers total were shipped, 24 were delivered to Achimota School, my alma mater; 3 to the University of Ghana for their help with the shipping and the rest to Methodist Girls Secondary School in Mamfe.

The pictures from Achimota School show students and my classmates David Asiedu & Gyebi Mensah being presented with the computers and software. In Mamfe, it was a whole village affair. They were presented during a yearly festival – very colorful. Present were the chiefs and elders of the village.

I hope these will go a really long way to help these two establishments. Ghana’s primary export is Cocoa; we have to find other ways of improving our economy. I am hoping that with a wide spread use of technology that we will start making some head way.

How awesome will it be if all secondary schools in Ghana have computers and learn how to use them, program them and create software products? The sky will be the limit.

I am looking for partners with similar interests, if you want to do such a thing for your country, I will be more than willing to share my contacts at various businesses for you contact and get that process started for your school. Together we will make a difference. It is hard work but it definitely brings a smile on your face when you see pictures like these and you think about the impact that will have on students who really want to learn and are have curious minds.

Thanks again to Meghann Wilkinson Poku, Babs Coler, Trent Niemeier, Ben Martin, Alan Svangstu, Peter Larson, Prince Amattoe. You guys did great. Thanks Microsoft - Looking forward to future partnerships, Concordia College, Books for Africa, Quantum Connections.


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Getting the job done.

In about 4 more weeks, 48 computers, monitors and software donated by Concordia College, RDO equipment and Microsoft will be arriving at the shores of Ghana West Africa. Two high schools, Achimota Secondary School (my alma mater) and Methodist Girls High Schools are the first recipients of the first batch of technology equipment to high schools in Africa.

Area businesses and individuals generously donated time and money to make this a success and

I thank everyone for all their hard work. A special thanks goes to Midwest Motors Express for donating shipping from my storage unit in Fargo to Minneapolis.

Thanks to my buddies, Trent, Prince, Peter, Ben and Alan for helping with banding and shrink wrapping of all those computers and to Union Storage for their assistance.

If you are still interesed in helping with the project please read the previous bolgs to find out how you can help. We are hoping to send the next consignment soon but are in need of some working laptops.

Help the people of Africa better their lives and teach them how to be independent. Here is their break and whatever you can give to support this cause will go a very long way.

Arday Ardayfio


Who said Fargoans don't give?

I read an article in Men's Health magazine last Wednesday about the most generous cities. Minneapolis got an A or B and Fargo got a D. The article talked about response to Katrina relief efforts. I will bet to differ with their grading and offer my own grading of a B; this is why. I just came home from Trinity Lutheran Church where the Haiti Medical Mission group had a cheese cake thank you reception for support they received for their project. Check out that project on www.haitimedicalmission.info and see how many lives are being touched by the people of Fargo Moorhead.

The people of Fargo Moorhead are overwhelming me with their support. Since our story aired on WDAY on Thursday March 23rd, I have received emails from people & local businesses who want to donate more computers, money to help ship the computers to Ghana. It's amazing the responses I am getting and I am glad that the people of Fargo Moorhead are rising to the challenge to help people who need a little boost. We can't do it without your support.

With groups like The Haiti Medical Mission going to Haiti every year to help the Haitians and the support I am getting to ship these computers, I think what the Men's Health magazine said is unfounded. I don't know where they got their stats from but the people are generous and thats all that matters. We still need support so please send your checks to - watch for updates on donations soon.

The Ghana Computer Project
Quantum Connections
c/o Rowland Joiner
114 Jefferson St. S
Wadena MN 56482
Phone: 320-594-7196

e-Mail ardayfio@gmail.com if you want to discuss this further or want more information on how you can help.


How you can HELP?

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”
A lot of people are wondering how they can help with this project. We do have a lot of people who have volunteered to help move the equipment and box them up but we definitely need some financial assistance. None of these computers will reach Ghana if we don't get any help financially. So seriously consider the need.

It will cost about $80 to ship one computer(monitor and tower) and about $50 to ship a laptop. We have parterned with Quantum Connections, a not for profit organization to be in charge of donations and collections. Some people think 80 to 100 dollars is a lot of money to ship one computer, what they fail to realize is that there is freight, handling and other costs associated with shipping.

Anything will be helpful, even $1. We are also interested in receiving less than 4 year old laptops for teachers. Please send them to

The Ghana Computer Project
Quantum Connections
c/o Rowland Joiner
114 Jefferson St. S
Wadena MN 56482
Phone: 320-594-7196
e-mail: info@q-connections.org

If you have any questions for me please email me at ardayfio@gmail.com. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


Benefit Concert in Staples

St Cecelia Trio plays benefit concert
By Rin Porter

The St Cecelia Trio played a benefit concert for Quantum Connections International, a Browerville nonprofit organization, on Sunday, February 12, at the Sacred Heart Rectory in Staples.
The trio consists of three local musicians: pianist the Reverend Richard Collman of the United Methodist Church of Motley, flute player Lisa Winter who teaches German at Wadena-Deer Creek High School, and cellist Father Peter Kirchner of Sacred Heart Catholic Church of Staples. The three musicians have played classical and contemporary music together for a number of years, performing mainly in Morrison, Wadena, and Todd Counties.
The purpose of the benefit concert was to raise funds to assist with one of Quantum Connections International’s current projects: shipping computers to schools in Ghana.
Mr. Arday Ardayfio, who was born in Ghana and came to the U.S. in 1998, spoke to the concert audience about the project during intermission.
“Concordia College gave us 100 computers that were no longer needed. Microsoft Incorporated gave us all new software for the computers. This will put technology into the hands of top students in top schools in Ghana,” said Ardayfio. “We need to raise the money for shipping the computers to Ghana. It will cost about $12,000.”
Ardayfio, an admissions counselor and technical consultant at Concordia College-Moorhead, persuaded the college to donate the computers, and obtained the software donation from Microsoft. When Ardayfio left Ghana in 1998, there were no computers available to students at any school in the nation. He is eager to help Ghanaian students get access to computer technology so that they can help their country economically when they finish school.
The benefit concert raised several hundred dollars toward the goal of shipping computers to schools in Ghana. Anyone interested in receiving more information about the project can contact Arday Ardayfio at 218-299-3004, or Rowland Joiner at Quantum Connections International, 594-7196.
The St Cecilia Trio will perform its next concert on March 19 at 3 PM at the Motley United Methodist Church. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door.


Seeking Partners - Quantum Connections Board Meeting

Prince Amattoe, a graduate student at MSUM and also from Ghana and I visited Wadena to attend the board meeting for Quantum Connection to share our project and show them the donated software we received.

It was a very good meeting, they decided to be our partners for the project. Check them out at http://www.q-connections.org/


Concordia Publishes Story

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